Top Subreddits Every Data Scientist Should Join

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10 Subreddits You MUST Join on Reddit if you are a Data Scientist.

As a Data ScienceMachine LearningDeep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence enthusiast, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on all the new publications, research, tutorials, and tools, especially with all the hype surrounding data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Of course, Here on Medium there are a lot of people sharing stories and exchanging ideas, also there are some great Medium Publications like Towards Data ScienceAnalytics Vidhya and a lot more (The Best Data Science Publications to Follow in 2020), but in this article, I’m going to talk about Reddit.

Reddit needs no introduction, It has become a one-stop platform for reading on almost any topic with almost 40 million searches every day and over 430 million monthly active users and over 1.2 million different communities/subreddits.

Full Stats about Reddit : 109 Ridiculous Reddit Statistics & Facts to Know in 2020

For those unaware of what is subreddit, Subreddit, simply speaking represents “the topic-based groups/community on reddit that comprise of users who want to publish/discuss news or stories related with that topic.

So with all these stats and facts, Reddit is a big community, an excellent source of knowledge and resources and a great way to stay updated on DS, ML and AI news.

Let me now list for you, The Top Subreddits Every Data Science, ML, DL and AI Enthusiast MUST Follow and Join :


Number of subscribers : 213,917

A helpful community of Data Science practitioners and professionals who share ideas, advice, projects, discuss tools and do networking.


Number of subscribers : 1,002,150

One of the oldest Machine Learning communities on Reddit. Contains a variety of posts categorized into discussion, news, research, and projects.

It is used to post stories on some of the following topics : Machine Learning, Data Mining, Analytics, Predictive Statistics, Learning Theory, Pattern Recognition.


Number of subscribers : 148,009

An active community dedicated for learning Machine Learning where users share tips, tricks, concepts and even help with implementations in learning Machine Learning.


Number of subscribers : 20,855

This subreddit is a community for discussion and news related to Natural Language Processing (NLP), Since this niche area has picked up pace in the past few years, so It’s worth following to know more about Natural language processing (NLP).


Number of subscribers : 47,208

If you are just starting out in the field of deep learning or you had some experience with artificial neural networks some time ago, You will find in this subreddit Deep Learning concepts, resources for understanding and implementing them, research papers…


Number of subscribers : 107,811

A Place where you can share, discuss and find datasets for Data Mining, Analytics and Knowledge Discovery…

You can also ask for tips or suggestions to improve and to have a good dataset that properly related to the problem at hand.


Number of subscribers : 55,636

Data visualization is important for a Data Scientist and it one of the most useful professional skills to develop. It is important to use the right graphs, use labels, and to be able to make the data easily understandable.

So this subreddit is for topics related to information visualization and the design of graphs, charts, maps, etc, So you will find guidestutorials, and discussion threads about data visualization.


Number of subscribers : 14,421,454

Another subreddit and for me, it’s the best one for data visualization, not only because it has more subscribers then r/visualization, but it offers plenty of discussion about visual representations of data : Graphs, charts, maps, etc.


Number of subscribers : 339,352

Python has become popular and the most important programming language in very short time, It has a rich set of libraries and tools that make the tasks easy for Data scientists, and it has a huge community base where developers and data scientists can ask their queries and answer queries of others.

So Beginners in this subreddit can browse through a variety of threads to get to know the ins and outs of Python. On the other hand, a more experienced programmer can go through another subreddit called r/Python to dig deeper into this language.


Number of subscribers : 37,066

R is an important tool and is used widely by the data miners and statisticians for data analysis,It is one of the programming languages that provide an intensive environment for you to analyze, process, transform and visualize information, So you should join this subreddit for R stories, questions, and news…

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